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In God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.

That the Word of God is the Holy Spirit inspired truth and is our guideline by which we live our lives.

Jesus Christ is the only Son of God, Who was born of the virgin Mary, and conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit, became flesh and walked amongst man on earth, was despised and rejected by man, was crucified, dead and buried, and risen on the third day.

Jesus Christ to be the only name given on earth, in the heavens above and in the seas below to man by which he can be saved.

The Holy Spirit to be the Teacher, Converter, Councillor, and Comforter.


Friends of God and friends of sinners devoted to the edification of the Body of Christ. The Seed is a Holy Spirit empowered ministry founded on Isaiah 49; Romans 10:8-17; and Matthew 17:20. Our heavenly mandate is to practice the Ministry of Reconciliation by promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching the Word of God as well as helping those who have practical needs. God has called us to feed His sheep, to clothe the naked and to care for the orphans and widows. This is done by the love, grace, and mercy of God the Father, faith in His Son Jesus Christ, and empowerment from the Holy Spirit.


We desire for all men to have an intimate relationship with the Father and His Son Jesus. Through this believers will truly inherit eternal life (John 17:1-3). We strive to be Christ-Like and to live out the life of Godly love that we have been called to.

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